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    Texfinity Industrial Laundry appliances

    Welcome to the website of Texfinity. Texfinity is a new name in the laundry business, however powered by experienced laundry people. In the corporate part of the website you will find more information about our history. Texfinity consist of three groups, new laundry machines, used laundry machines and automation / logistics. In this structure we are able to serve all yours needs and support you with all the required expertise. Please explore our site, and contact us for further information.   

    The group with the second hand laundry machines has a high number of second hand machines.  Thanks to unique combination of buying power, expertise and excellent contacts, this section will grow to the biggest and most important source of second hand laundry machines in the world.


    Nowe masznyny pralnicze Używane pralki Automatyka/logistyka

    Produkty firmy i przegląd usług

    Używane pralki

    Używane pralki Strona główna

    Obecnie mamy 1205 maszyn w naszej bazie danych używanych maszyn.
    This is a statement ; the most modern company in the world in second hand laundry machines.
    We buy
    Let us know if you have any machine available.
    Here you will find our recently installed projects.
    From this page on, you can navigate on to several support pages, depending on your needs.
    Full Training Course
    In this section, we have gathered educational documents that might help you better understand specific parts of your laundry.
    Twoja osoba kontaktowa:.


    Automatyka/logistyka Strona główna

    TEXCONTROL has a complete range of controllers to be fitted on used machines, enabling the support over internet and giving a customer an easy to use interface.

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