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    Texfinity Industrial Laundry Equipment

    Texfinity Industrial Laundry Equipment

    "Affinity with Textiles"

    Our products are designed to meet the highest quality standards in the market, with easy maintenance requirements and attractive pricing.

    Please check out our Towel Folding Solutions, and regularly check with us for the latest developments on other equipment.

    Towel Folders

    Find out here about our Texfinity Towel Folder !!!

    See our Towel Folders


    Find out here about our Texfinity Ironers !!!

    See our Ironers

    Conveyor systems

    Conveyor systems to automate your laundry transport !

    See our Conveyor systems

    Packing machines

    Wrap, shrink & seal to pack your laundry !

    See our Packing machines