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    Helpful information for international Transport over land and sea

    Information about international transport







     1.   Incoterms   International standard of delivery terminology, explained in a nice graph
     2.   Fumigation Implementation   Fumigation Implementation Country list. A summary of countries where fumigation is required.
     3.   Container Dimensions   Inside, outside and door opening dimensions for sea containers, as well as weight and information about all type of containers
     4.   ISO Codes for Containers   Description of containers, application and their ISO codes and ISO groups
     5.   Prefix for containers   All containers need to be registered. The owners get a unique Prefix. This is the list of all worldwide prefixes
     6.   ISO-Codes   How ISO codes are generated
     7.   Country Codes   Country Codes for containers
     8.   Check Digit   Freight Container Check Digit Calculator.
     9.   Pictures of Containers   Prove pictures of all containers prefixes.