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    About our new laundry Machines

    Taking Care of Your Textiles ... .

    Over the years, Texfinity has become a well known name in the sector of the Industrial Laundry. Clients have counted on us for new or second hand equipment, or for the automatization of their current equipment, and they continue doing so because they appreciate our efforts in delivering high quality solutions at affordable pricing. Our growing team of Laundry Specialists all share the idea, that taking care of Textiles is the main objective of our solutions. Therefore we continuously strive for delivering high quality solutions, using state-of-the-art technology, making our equipment a standard in the sector.

    It's all in the details. In order to explain this, let's take the exemple of our t.Towel towel Folder:  Over the years we have coninuously tried to make the machine better, faster, easier, and cheaper.  And yes we succeeded.  It might be the slightly longer feeding table, making sure also long beach towels are smoothly introduced.  Or the fact that the feeding table now can be inclined, so it can be adapted to the height of the operator.  But also the change in the position of certain parts make it now easier to adapt or replace them whenever necessary.  And with the latest PLC developments we have been able to make the machine reaction time faster then ever, without giving in on Folding and Stacking quality.  A lot of these changes were implemented with the help of our clients: sometimes they give us ideas, which we all take seriously into consideration, and sometimes, they are happy to try out new features.  Being in close contact with our clients has always been on of the strengths of Texfinity, and it wil be so in the future.  Therefore we generaly sell directly to our clients, without a distributor in between.  Therefore also we publish the prices of our equipment on our website.  Because we have always been transparent to our clients.  So why not being transparent on our pricing !