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    Texfinity Continuous Sealer Print sheet Texfinity Continuous Sealer Pdf Texfinity Continuous Sealer Entrar em contato

    tipo: Outros tipo: PACKING_MACHINE
    aquecimento: ELECTRIC número da máquina: 3593
    construir: 2017

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    Esta máquina é uma máquina de segunda mão de Texfinity. Podemos ofrecero completamente revistada e reparada ou no seu estado atual. Para cada máquina pode encontrar informção mais específica:

    Automatic operation:

    The products to be packaged are placed automatically or manually on the input belt with a distance of +/- 300 mm. The input band runs at a constant speed, synchronized with the output band.
    An optical eye on the input belt shows the input capacity.
    The product is placed under foil and stops automatically in the welding zone on the tunnel belt.
    During the welding cycle the conveyor of the shrink tunnel stops. After the weld has been carried out, the package is transported through the tunnel, where the film is shrunk.

    Technical features bundling machine:
    • Chassis made of powder-coated steel with adjustable legs.
    • Input belt made of synthetic material, with speed control.
    • Maintenance-free welding beam of 800 mm. Fixed counter weld beam.
    • Electronic control of the welding temperature (adjustable in the display)
    • Pneumatic lowering of the welding beam.
    • Photocell to protect the products.
    • Automatic unwinding of the upper and lower film roll using. motorized
     carrier rollers.
    • PLC control & operational interface.

    Welding bar
    • Maximum film roll width : 800 mm
    • Working height : 780 mm
    • Maximum product height : 850 mm +/- 50 mm: 380 mm
    • Compressed air consumption : 13 NL / stroke (6 bar)

    Technical characteristics of the shrink tunnel:

    • Chassis made of powder-coated steel with adjustable legs.
    • Conveyor belt with adjustable speed.
    • Tunnel passage: 650x390mm (h).
    • Warm air blower for air circulation.
    • Average absorbed capacity:
    • Tension :
    • Weight::
    • Heating group at the top of the tunnel, heating elements in stainless steel.
    • Insulationoftunneld.m.v.mineralewol.
    • Cooling fan run-up
    • Installed power :
    18 kW
    10 kW
    3 x 380 V + N + grounding 1,000 kg

    • Adjustable input guides.
    • Press packages (stops the product during the welding cycle)

    •Foil pressure rollers at the back of the shrink tunnel


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