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    Hieronder treft u de lijst van (recente) referenties.


    Apparel, Argentinie ; This great customer trusted us with the first big investment in their laundry, and the first CBW-system.  Meanwhile, they have bought the second CBW-system from us.

    Golden Clean, Chili ; Perfect customer who knows Almeti already for years.  This customer is now looking at major investments and doing them with Almeti Australia ; Many nice customers that trusted us above other suppliers for supplying of large CBW-system.

    ACJ, Spain ; great dealer for Texfinity association that decided to work only with us. As a result, sales are going higher & higher in Spain.


    France, Brazilia, Portugal, Scandinavia, Belgium, Holland, UK, etc, many more regions have our excellent references that we can give when you ask for them.  It is difficult for us to expose all the names of the laundries to everybody on the webpage, since this allows competitors to know our good customers.