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  • Home » Machines d'occasion » A Vendre » Water extraction presses » 3516 senking sep 50 md

    Senking SEP 50 MD Print sheet Senking SEP 50 MD Pdf Senking SEP 50 MD Obtenir le Contact

    type: Presse d'extraction capacité (kg): 50
    pressure: 37 stages: 1
    nr. machine: 3516 marque: SENKING
    modelle: SEP_50_MD Année de construction: 2008

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    Images Utilisateur avancé

    Cette presse d'extraction est une machine d'occasion d'Texfinity. Nous pouvons l'offrir complètement revisé ou dans un l'état actuelle. Pour chaque machine vous trouvez des informations:

    SENKING Water extraction press SEP 50 MD SL         for CBW in Universal SL version including strain gauge at the press basket - Senking patent -        

    and photo cell at the loading chute for loading monitoring.                 

    Drainage plate made of stainless steel.                 

    Excellent operational hygiene - Senking patent -                 

    Perfect design to avoid stagnant moisture.                  

    Reliable unloading via chain-driven ejector – axially.                 

    Execution of press adjusted to CBW Universal in SL version.                 

     ->  without water recovery tank, i.e. no cleaning of tanks required,        

    optimum hygiene, low maintenance requirements.                 

     ->  press water is pressed straight into the rinse zone of the CBW.        

    Electronic microprocessor programmable.                 

    Logic control with Touch-Panel-PC (PPC).                 

    With 100 press programs.                 

    With spare press cushion.                 


    Technical data:                  

    - Nominal load, batch size: 50kg

    - max. + 10% overload: 55kg

    - depending on the type of linen                 

    - cycle time (minimum) : 90sec

    - press cake diameter : 1005mm

    middle pressure version (max.):37bar



    Length: 1610mm

    Width: 1610mm

    Height: 3427mm

    Weight, empty: approx.. 7300kg

    Nominal voltage: 415V

    Nominal frequency: 50Hz

    Control voltage: 230/24V



    Press head made of spheroidal graphite iron, for the press cylinder and the hydraulic unit.                 

    Base plate and press ram made of solid steel with highest protection against corrosion due to vulcanization with hard rubber.                 

    Columns with rubber protection against corrosion.                  


    Qty.         Description:                                   

    To carry over:                 

    Press basket with large diameter of 1005 mm                 

    ->     flat press cake, fast water extraction                 

    ->     high water extraction performance - low moisture retention        

    All other parts coming into contact with linen and/or wash liquor are made of stainless material.                 

    Loading chute -stainless steel         1.4301

    Press basket -stainless steel 1.4301

    Cake pusher-stainless steel 1.4301

    Drainage plate-stainless steel         1.4301

    The control includes 100 different press programs, including special

    (Goretex, Sympathex) and floor mats.                 



    1         Speedextract version to increase the high pressure time at a certain cycle time                  

    - For 28 bar and medium pressure version presses                            

    - For lower moisture retention especially at short cycle times                 

    - With special hydraulics to accelerate the pressure built up                 


    Notice:  the maximum capacity of this press will be 50 kg for flatwork.                 

    1         Push out prolongation (if the shuttle conveyor runs parallel to the CBW)                 


    1              Additional cost for switch panel right hand side   


    SEP 25 high pressure.DE..pdf
    Senking press specs.pdf
    Prospekt Senking Presse.DE..pdf
    SEP 25 medium pressure.DE..pdf
    Senking Water Extraction Presses SEP 25,...
    Senking Press SEP 50 dims drawing.EN..pd...

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