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    T.towel Air

    About our t.Towel folder

    The T.towel towel folder is able to sort and fold all kinds of towels, fitted sheets, garments (T-shirts, nightgowns, uniforms, hospital clothing etc.), laundry bags and all other dried pieces up to a length of 2400mm.

    The feeding conveyor can be adapted in height to make it suitable for short and long operators.  The conveyor has been extended, resulting in a better grip for longer towels.

    The T.towel sorts automatically the various pieces based on length, consequently pre-sorting is not required.  Optionally our Towel Folder can also sort based on width in case pieces of the same length exist that needs different kind of folding.  Once the pieces are folded, they are directed towards a dedicated, programmable, stacker station.  As soon as the required stack height is achieved, the pile is put on the final delivery belt (included in the machine). This belt can be located on the left or right side and delivering the piles either to the front or the rear of the machine.

    As the T.towel is able to make up to 4 folds, many different folding patterns are possible.  For each type, a separate folding pattern can be programmed, making the machine extremely flexible.

    Compared with similar equipment, the t.Towel has a minimum of moving parts and it is built out of standard components.  Moreover, the latest version has better adjusting possibilities when replacing the drive belts.

    Video Gallery

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    Photo Gallery

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