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  • S.pack - Packing machine

    Packing machine (wrap, shrink and seal)

    Heat shrink oven (with steam heating coil on oven roof) with:

    • dual insulation composed of fibreglass matting for optimal heat retention in the oven chamber;
    • 2 fans for forced air circulation in the oven, internal baffles to facilitate control of the heated air flow direction in the area below the pack,
    • armoured electric heating elements provided for use when insufficient steam is available,
    • conveyor utilising perforated TEFLON belt driven by a gearmotor connected to an inverter for stepless speed control,
    • with parameters settable from the control panel to adjust the throughput rate;
    • oven hood of 1300 mm in length with inlet port width of 800 mm and height of 400 mm.

    Sealing unit with:

    • upper and lower motorized reel unwinders,
    • welding bar with working length of 800 mm,
    • cold knife film cutting and sealing system operated by means of a pneumatic cylinder.
    • Front feeder with PVC conveyor belt approximately 800 mm in length.
    • Pneumatically operated retracting fence to facilitate transit of the product on the machine front infeed belt.
    • Safety protections composed of two fixed panels and two mobile panels made of clear polycarbonate and protected with interlock microswitches.

    Technical features

    Electrical system complete with control panel and wiring on board the machine created with electromechanical execution, with Omron PLC and control of functions by means of a programmable keypad from which all adjustment parameters can be set, namely:

    • Facility to stop infeed conveyor allowing the intermediate conveyor between the sealing bar and heat shrink oven to run in such a way as to allow the operator to prepare the pack to be heat sealed on the infeed belt. Packs are forwarded into the machine by pressinga button which resets automatically after each press.
    • Facility to perform manual heat sealing
    • Switching of machine operation by means of the programmable oven
    • control keypad:
      • Steam only
      • Electric heating only 
      • Dual heating
    • Set-point and limit temperatures of the heating components with relative hysteresis values
    • Speed of conveyors in m/min
    • Response time of product flow control photocells.



    • Motorized drive unit for moving small and light parts
    • Pressure operated by pneumatic cylinder for holding the pack during
    • film welding
    • Cooling fan packs leaving the heat shrink
    • Steam Solenoid Valve Controller
    • Thermostatic condensate drain


    Photo Gallery

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