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  • S.iron - Steam Heated Industrial Ironer

    S.iron - Steam 1.200mm Diameter

    S.iron - a new steam heated industrial ironer
    S.iron uses industry prove chests, developped, build and made by to last. Most major brands use these chests, they have proven their quality over more than 30 years.


    Direct drive
    The steam heated flatwork ironer S.iron has an independant drive.  This is a fantastic way to control electronically the speed of each roll without having belts or other dangerous power transmissions in the way. Texfinity knows from experience that ventilation of the motor is of very importance.  A special flexible hose is connected to the motorshaft, and takes directly fresh air in.

    Electric cabinet
    For  the best ventilation, the electric cabinet of the ironer of Texfinity is located away from the heat, with huge ventilators added realising the best cooling of the electronic components. 


    Independant modular air evacuation
    The industrial flatwork ironer from Texfinity S.iron has modular and independant air evacuation.  The constant adjustment of the succion allows for optimal energy efficiency.


    All Texfinity machines are supported with online support, which again allows ease of maintenance and avoids sending expensive technicians all over the world.  Our machines are developped as such for maximum support from one central location.

    All our machines receive upto 3 years warranty - find out more in detail with the responsable sales person for your region.

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