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    New sales representative for Texfinity in Poland

    Further expansion of the Texfinity markets into Eastern Europe

    Day 19 November 2010

    TEXFINITY has signed today an agreement with Arek Mak, our local Polish representative.

    TEXFINITY is proud to announce the further expansion of its markets into Eastern Europe. Arek Mak has been working together with TEXFINITY for several years already? The growing trust between both parties has resulted in a contract with Arek Mak. He will be locally present in Poland and will exclusively focus on the Polish market. Since Poland is a growing market where expansions and improvements are taking place every day, TEXFINITY felt the need to be able to support the Polish customers ion their own language.

    By this cooperation, TEXFINITY has extended once more its language pallet, now existing out of:

    TEXFINITY believes that it is important to serve its customers in their local language as much as possible. We wish Mak success in his new position.

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