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  • Home » Corporate » News » Texfinity delivers their first cbw system in brazil

    Texfinity delivers their first CBW system in Brazil

    Along with flatwork finishing equipment

    Day 01 April 2010

    In the continuing expansion of their markets, TEXFINITY has sold their first CBW system in Brazil

    Following the movement of the world economy, TEXFINITY is expanding its regions of presence. Brazil, being one of worlds largest markets for economic growth, was not yet in the explored regions of TEXFINITY. Since the laundry business in Brazil is in full expansion, laundry owners are seeking for experienced suppliers of laundry technology, in order to improve the efficiency of the laundry. Since most of the laundries are still working with washer extractors and without feeders or folders, leading to a high number of employees, the next step in automation is moving to a CBW system and integrated ironing lines.

    Our customer found in TEXFINITY a professional and experienced partner, trusted to support and guide them to move into this new technology step. Although far from home, TEXFINITY can support the customer in succesfull implementation of its new washroom technology, also thanks to a strong local technical partner.

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