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    First Turkish Tunnel Batch Washing System by Texfinity

    Complete CBW system, including bag system in the Eurasian region

    Day 06 April 2010

    A complete new laundry start up trusted Texfinity to build their CBW system

    Texfinity just finished the commissioning of their first CBW system in a new laundry in Turkey. The laundry was built from scratch by the new owners. Texfinity was selected as their partner to build the washroom. The setup is made of a used and rebuilt Senking CBW and medium pressure press, followed by 4 pass through dryers.

    Together with the CBW, a overhead bag system has been delivered and installed to load the tunnel batch washer. The CBW, press and dryers have been completely rebuilt. The dryers control, with touch screen controlled LCD is new and developed by TEXFINITY AUTOMATION. With this CBW installation, TEXFINITY made their first steps into the Turkish market, ready to expand.

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