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    Highs speed universal ironing line Sold

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    This line is a universal higher speed line.  Logic gives medium quality in automatic feeding, high quality in manual feeding on the vacuumtable.  
    The logic is 1 and 2 lanes for automatic feeding, increasing the capacity for smaller sheets.

    The ironer has been inspected and has been found in very good condition. THis 3 roller 1200 will give you the power to produce sufficient sheets in 1 hour.  Also this ironer gives you the possibility to make an upgrade at a later stage to a faster feeder then the logic (for example the new logic plus).

    THe classic behind this line works on 1, 2 & 4 lanes.  3Longfolds, 3crossfold, with a high quality stacker (roll off).  On 2 lanes, this classic also makes the crossfolds necessary.

    All in all : a very interesting universal ironing line, able to feed at very high quality (manual) or medium quality & high speed.  

    We can deliver as you want it, but recommended is completely checked and with new belts. 

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