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  • Home » Gebrauchtmaschinen » Zu Verkaufen » Ironing lines » High quality ironing line in very good condition

    High quality ironing line in very good condition!! Sold

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    This ironing line was technically inspected by us and found in really good condition.  There is not 1 scratch on the chests, and all the machines perform well.

    The Variant feeder - known for excellent quality feeding - in combination with the Universal folder - known for the best quality folding possible - is a perfect set for the best quality finishing that you could wish for.  At the back end of this line there is the highest quality precision set of NAPKIN & BOTTOM-UP, on 4lanes.  Restaurant linnen, napkins, or high quality precision folding on bedlinnen (high end hotels) is the purpose of this line.  

    The variant feeds on 1 or 2 lanes automatically,but can also be fed manually on 4lanes (4 times vacuum suction is available on this feeder).  On top of this, the feeder comes with a stretching bed, and spreading rolls!  No need to tell you that higher feeding quality is impossible!  High quality means lower speed, and this variant is best upto 30meters.  Faster is not recommended.

    The Universal folder is a machine with reversing belt for high precision folding!  This machine works on 1 lane, 2 lanes, and 4 lanes, and does almost everything you could ever wish for!  3longfolds on 1 lane, 2 lanes, and 4 lanes....but also crossfolding 3 times on 1 lane and 2 lanes.  On 4Lanes, the crossfold and stacking is executed by the bottom up napkin behind this machine.

    We can deliver you this line as it is, but also completely checked, and all the belts replaced.  The latter is recommended, since belts make the quality in folding.  RECOMMENDED FOR HIGH END PRODUCTS!

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