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  • Home » Gebrauchtmaschinen » Zu Verkaufen » Ironing lines » High quality almost new ironer xxl lapauw width 4100mm roller diameter triq

    High quality almost new ironer XXL lapauw, width 4100mm, roller diameter triquarter of 1600 Sold

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    The machine was installed in 2008, but produced by the end of 2007.  So the machineplate says 2007....but is only 3 years old.  The condition is perfect, and some improvements have been done.

    The security for the fingers/hand has been moved forward, making the machine safer for the worker

    On the chests there are 2 detectors installed to detect a possible blockage of linnen.  Don't forget, this XXL ironer has a chest that covers 75% of the roll.  That is why, if the linnen blocks, you cannot see it.  The detector will see it, and will shut down the ironer.  Even if this happens only once a day, it is a nice tool to have.

    Almeti hereby offers you the best that can be offered in second hand.

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