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  • Home » Gebrauchtmaschinen » Nachrichten » Texfinity sells its first cbw in chili

    Texfinity Sells it first CBW in Chile

    Major laundry decides to invest in Texfinity machines

    Tag 01 Februar 2009

    One of the major Laundries in Chile has decided to move on step forward in their automation process

    After several years of working with washer extractors, one of the major laundries in Chile has decided to move on to the next step in automation. Since their experience with TEXFINITY in the past has been excellent, they decided to trust the Texfinity group to deliver their first CBW system.

    The laundry has been equipment as of the start up with all TEXFINITY supplied machinery. For their improved logistics and to be able to reduce labour costs, they have trusted TEXFINITY to supply their first CBW system. Although TEXFINITY is a long way from Chile, they were assured through their past experiences with TEXFINITY that they found a very reliable partner. Through the years, TEXFINITY always has supported them, and found a solution, even in difficult circumstances. This has made the management decide to continue their cooperation with TEXFINITY.

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