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    Wide language knowledge is key for Texfinity

    First class Belgium newspaper interviews Almeti

    Tag 10 November 2010

    Texfinity is covering more than 8 languages in total, helping them to serve their customers in their local language. The importance of covering so many languages is key to success, and makes Texfinity special in its sector. Texfinity is the the Number One company in the world, in their field regarding the number of languages supported in house.

    Being helped in the language of the customer is a key advantage for customers, dealing with companies as Texfinity, dealing world wide. As written in other Articles we cover more than 8 different languages. The most important Belgian Financial news paper, "De Tijd", has highlighted the importance of the multilingual approach of companies. They have selected Almeti, member of the Texfinity group as a good example of how international customer should be treated. In addition, Almeti was invited at a European Commission regarding this subject. The interview, in Dutch, can be found in the pdf.




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