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    TEXFINITY becomes the official name of Almeti.

    Your Specialist in used industrial laundry machines changes his name

    Tag 26 Februar 2013

    TEXFINITY replaces after 4 years the well known Almeti brand.

    In 2010 Almeti NV introduced its advanced interactive website for used industrial laundry machinery under the name TEXFINITY®. Because of the rapidly growing awareness of TEXFINITY®, we decided to change our name officially.

    In 2012 we moved to our magnificent warehouses in Arendonk, where currently our new offices are being finalized. 2013 is a promising year for TEXFINITY®. Alongside the new premises and name you will even be better served by our growing team of technicians and specialists. 

    Used Machines

    We have an extensive range of used industrial laundry machines available. Our stock is accessible via our website and is always up to date with pictures and brochures. If you create your login, you can save searches and browse through your history of quotations we have made for you. All the documents, including manuals, invoices and packing lists are only a mousclick away. 

    Towel Folder

    Since five years now and in addition to the range of used machines, TEXFINITY® developped its own automatic towel folder of excellent quality at a price that fits inside the second hand target market. The machine features a state of the art touch screen PLC which makes programming very userfriendly. 

    Control Systems

    Our range has also been extended with in-house developed control systems for CBW systems, dryers, folders, etc. Our controllers are equiped with a touch screen and are therefore easy to use. The integrated internet connection allows for remote support and upgrades. 

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