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    Automation / logistics

    Texfinity automation/logistics searches along with our customers for the ideal solution regarding logistics and control systems. We gained lots of knowhow due to our long lasting experience as we visited hundreds of laundries. 

    Based on this knowledge it allows us to create the best possible solution to upgrade your efficiency within your budget. Along with the other groups within Texfinity we always find the best solution for you.  

    Under the umbrella of TEXFINITY, TEXCONTROL has developed a complete range of controllers to fit on used machines. The logo of the branch is shown below:


     TEXCONTROL logo


    The advantage of using new controls on used machines is obvious:

    1. Existing controls might not be supported anymore by the manufacturer
    2. Spare parts for the existing controls are not available anymore
    3. Changes to the software, needed for a new implementation can not be done anymore, because the expertise is lacking with the manufacturer, or changes are dramatically expensive
    4. Different brands of used machines will be used in the new set up, using the same controller will make the life of the operators a lot easier
    5. Especially for CBWs and dryer set ups, the new control gives the flexibility to adapt to any requirement of the customer
    6. The access to the controllers via internet will make support for the used machines easier

    TEXCONTROL has developed controllers for; CBWs, Dryer and Shuttle control, Stand alone dryer control, Feeders, folders, ironers and tunnelfinishers

    Some examples:

    We are able to provide control systems which are simple to operate and are against today’s standards.

    Our philosophy is “Keep it simple and easy” and we achieve this by using an operator frendly touchscreen instead of a mixture of buttons and lamps.