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    Texfinity is manufacturing machinery with high success!!!

    Den 13 Březen 2015

    Texfinity grew from being the largest distributor of the bankrupt Olma L&P company to a state of the art manufacturer of towel folders. Going from second hand machinery to new machine manufacturing was a major turnaround of the company.

    Today, we can proudly say that the turnaround has succeeded. Texfinity has not only the best PLC system available on the market (see to believe!!), but gives on top of that extended warranty to prove to all of our customers worldwide the believe in our product. Each towel folder comes with 3year guarantee on parts, prove of which we claim to be first and only upto this day.

    The T-towel has patented protection agains incorrect copying.

    Please contact us for further information

    The Texfinity Team
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